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  • I executed the "2.2 TB Boot test" on Windows 7-64bit OS with UEFI boot mode on the a pcie based SSD as primary device. The test failed in WHCK. I tried the same with WLK and it is passing. I tried the same tests with a standard hard disk, and observed the same. Since WLK is scraped, I cannot use the WLK results.

    WHCK 2.2 TB Boot Test logs - 

    Wrong entry in results file, 32 File: testsrc\basetest\boot\boottestlogger\wincon\boottestwttlogging.cpp

    Some error occured while processing the preos result file File: testsrc\basetest\boot\boottestlogger\wincon\boottestwttlogging.cpp

    Disk Size Comparison (Windows)

    PreOS: LastBlock: 0, Cylinders: 0, Heads: 0, SectorsPerTrack: 0, BytesPerSector: 0, TotalDiskSize: 0

    Windows: LastBlock: 976773167, Cylinders: 60801, Heads: 255, SectorsPerTrack: 63, BytesPerSector: 512, TotalDiskSize: 500105249280

    Mismatch in preOS and Windows last block. 976773167 != 0

    File: testsrc\basetest\boot\twotbboottest\wincomp\belwinte.cpp Line: 1543 Error Type: NT_STATUS Error Code: 0xc0000001 Error Text: Error 0xc0000001 End Test 7/16/2013 9:32:49.747 AM Disk Size Comparison (Windows)

    Result: Fail

    I have executed this test on seagate hard disk on Windows 7 64bit SP1 professional edition, with MS AHCI inbox driver on UEFI bios mode. Same test is passing in Legacy bios mode.

    Bitlocker encryption is disabled in all the drives on the DUT.

    Any suggestions?

    Friday, July 19, 2013 2:07 PM

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