help with dynamic offset RRS feed

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  • hi , need help with dynamic offset
    i have the first and principal range with data , A to G (7 column), a second range from I to O (7 column) , third from Q to W (7 column)...
    i use this macro to find duplicate and cut destination

    For Each Cell In rngData
    If Cell <> Empty And _
    Cell.Value = ACell.Value And _
    Cell.Address <> ACell.Address Then
    Cell.ClearContents ' clear duplicated cells in the first row
    Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,8) ' move duplicated cells in the last row

    now i have two ranges with data , 
    first range (A to G ) and second range from (I to O). 'sheet T1

    with sheet T2 i have duplicated value.

    instead of Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,8) become Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,16) ' sheet T3

    only for duplicated value found in the second range and so on for the third range ...
    Acell.offset(0,8) become Acell.offset(0,16) become Acell.offset(0,32)...

    i appreciate your help and sorry for my poor english.

    Monday, March 13, 2017 6:24 PM