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  • I'm having some issues with getting the intellisense for imported variables to work in sass-files in VS 2015.

    I have some global sass-files in /Static/Styles/ that I'm importing from various files in /Components/ to access the global variables.

    I'm using the WebCompiler extension and got the compilation working by setting the value includePath in compilerconfig to "Static/Styles/" but the intellisense won't pick up the variables in these files.

    I have tried referencing the files with "< reference path.../>" but no luck there either. The only thing that works is importing the files with a relative path but this is of course far from ideal.

    @import "/Styles/Static/"; //Doesn't work
    @import ""; //Compiles but no intellisense
    @import "../../../../Static/Styles/"; //Compiles and intellisense works
    Is there any way to get the intellisense to work with absolute paths in sass?
    Tuesday, January 31, 2017 11:35 AM

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  • Hi friend,

    >> Is there any way to get the IntelliSense to work with absolute paths in sass?

    It seems no.

    But there is workaround for you, the sass-loader to resolve this issue.

    Hope it's helpful.

    Best regards,


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