Can I have one msi to support dual environments with different versions of the same dlls? RRS feed

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  • I’ve a custom Microsoft office 2007 solution written in TFS 2010 on windows 7.

    The solution has dependencies interop dll’s to another program application.

    The application is being upgraded to a new version. The new version of the application has a new directory folder structure sitting in windows.  

    C:\Program files\OldVersionfolderPath

    Interop dlls here

    C:\Program files\NewVersionFolderPath

    Interop dlls here

    The different application versions interop dlls are the same name, just different versions.\

    During the upgrade a dual environment will exist. The old application still supported until the new application is fully deployed to the fleet.

    There aren’t any code changes to my custom office solution msi, i just have re-reference to the new programs interop dlls.

    I don’t really want to have to 2 separate msi’s to support the dual environment.

    Is it possible to have one msi across both platforms?

    And how can I do this?

    Can I add a reference to the same dll name but in different locations?

    Will there be conflicts? dll's or importing the namespaces into my classes

    Thank you


    Monday, November 26, 2012 9:39 PM


  • i;m really not sure if i understood your problem, it is exmplained in somewhat convoluted way. But here is what i think you wrote:

    you have one app that uses some external assemblies

    you want to deploy new version of external assemblies to new place and somehow let know your app of this new assemblies so it will start using it and no longer bother with the old ones. Did i understand that correctly?

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 7:48 AM