Sorry something when wrong with adding the app and ULS showing There is no web named RRS feed

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  • I created a Provider Hosted app to deploy on-prem.  I was able to add the app to the App Catalog.  When I try to add the app to a site it returns "Sorry something when wrong with adding the app" after 1 - 2 minutes.  Not sure why it take so long to return any kind of message.  I did an IISRESET and restarted SPTimerV4 service.  This is the jist of what ULS shows:

    There is no Web named "/division/HTAAddinEventReceiverdivision/_api/site/url".
    Possible mismatch between the reported error with code = 0x81070504 and message: 
    "There is no Web named "/division/HTAAddinEventReceiverdivision/_api/site/url"." and the returned error with code 0x80070002.
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: There is no Web named "/division/HTAAddinEventReceiverdivision/_api/site/url"., StackTrace:    
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.InitWebPublic()     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.get_ID()     
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContext.DefaultKey(HttpContext context, SPWeb web)     
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContext.GetContext(HttpContext context)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContext.get_Current()     
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SPClientServiceHost.OnBeginRequest()     
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Rest.RestService.ProcessQuery(ClientServiceHost serviceHost, Stream inputStream, IList`1 pendingDisposableContainer)     
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientRequestService.ProcessRestQuery(Stream inputStrem)
    There is no SPContext or context web for the request

    I dont know where  "/division/HTAAddinEventReceiverdivision/_api/site/url" is coming from. 

    My App Domain is: devhhtaaddins.com

    Redirect URI is: https://qadivisionrer.devhhtaaddins.com/pages/default.aspx

    Title is: Division.HTA.Addin.EventReceiver.Division

    Everything looks okay to me.  Help is appreciated.

    Friday, September 8, 2017 10:54 PM