Detect a Squat gesture with kinect RRS feed

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  • Using the kinect toolbox, detecting simple swipe gestures etc using algorithms such as for detecting a swipe to right gesture:

    protected override void LookForGesture() { // Swipe to right if (ScanPositions((p1, p2) => Math.Abs(p2.Y - p1.Y) < SwipeMaximalHeight, // Height (p1, p2) => p2.X - p1.X > -0.01f, // Progression to right (p1, p2) => Math.Abs(p2.X - p1.X) > SwipeMinimalLength, // Length SwipeMininalDuration, SwipeMaximalDuration)) // Duration { RaiseGestureDetected("SwipeToRight"); return; }

    Any ideas on how I can detect a squat, so the hip joint will probably need to be tracked to see if it passes bellow the knee joints 

    Or is there any libraries that simulate a squat motion

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 3:12 PM