Decreased WinRT and WPF apps performance (D2D are ok) on Dell Precision M4800 RRS feed

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  • Today I've observed a really weird issue on Dell Precision M4800.

    When I run DepthBasics-WPF.exe or ColorBasics-XAML example app they perform really slowly.

    I added some logging to the them and it looks like sometimes frames are delivered after 100ms but sometimes it takes even >600 or >900ms.

    Someone might say it's a usb controller issue.

    And the weird part comes. The strange thing is that D2D applications work absolutely ok. Frames are delivered exactly every 33ms. So it looks like usb controller is ok.

    But the weirdest part is that when I run both D2D and WPF (or D2D and winrt) applications, the WPF (or winrt) apps work just ok. It doesn't matter if d2d app displays color or depth frame. All combinations work just fine.

    Do you have any explanation why the d2d app might be needed enable wpf/winrt app?

    I also have a Dell Precision M3800 and there such issue doesn't exist.
    Additionally, to me it also looks like it is a regression since beta program (which I attended). WPF and WinRT apps worked fine at that moment without that 'extra' step. I just cannot tell you exactly when the regression happened because for some time I worked on Dell 3800 and didn't check every sdk release on M4800.

    Do you have any suggestions what can potentially be wrong?

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