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  • The location on my lock screen this morning was "marble caves general carrera lake chile"

    I clicked on one of the links to get more information on this beautiful area and discovered Bing Maps can't find the location.

    This is what it, I just his submit and discovered I can't add a snapshot or links to this message until my account has been verified.

    Inserted update:

    I've been waiting hours for the verification process to occur but haven't received anything via phone or email. Doing research I found I could speed up the process by asking for verification on the forum. I've asked for that but, since it's a Saturday, and the list of verification requests is long, I don't know when it will be done. This also is not user friendly. Most websites have it so you create account and, within a few minutes, you either get an email or a text with the last part of the verification process. This is another thing Microsoft needs to get straightened out.

    I've removed the links to the Bing map result as well as the Google map result.

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    marble caves general Carrera lake chile

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    So, I tried accessing it in Google Maps using the same keywords. Guess what? The location was found with no problem.

    This is why so many of us continue to use Google vs. Bing. Google has more information and fewer gaps.

    You'd think the Bing Maps people would want to include the places listed in Spotlight in case viewers want to see it on a map. 

    Also, is there a way to make Bing images show up like Google images? I want to be able to scroll up and down to see all the images. The way Bing is now, if I click on an image, it takes me to a new screen and I have to click on individual images (like on Flickr) instead of just being able to scroll up and down to see the images. Highly annoying and keeps me from using Bing.

    How can I make Spotlight open directly in Google instead of Bing? Until Bing becomes more user friendly, with more complete information, I can tell you I won't use it. I have tried several times and it just isn't there yet.

    Saturday, September 29, 2018 3:34 PM

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