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    We have been trialling FSLogix internally and we have run into a couple of fairly major issues that I’m hoping somebody can shed some light on.

    The environments that we support are using Remote Desktop Services (2012 R2 and 2016) in conjunction with User Profile Disks. As far as the UPD configuration is concerned, we typically use the option “Store all user settings and data on the user profile disk” and then use the exclusion list to exclude those folders that we don’t want in the UPD (for most of our environments, this typically consists of the Documents folder which is redirected to the users home folder, and maybe a couple of client specific folders).

    The problem we have found relates to the fact that FSLogix does not support the use of the Exclusion list, as per the following line from the Microsoft docs site: Configure Office Container Tutorial

    Using Microsoft UPD disks currently requires use of the UPD 'include' mode configuration not the 'exclude' mode configuration. UPD exclude mode isn't supported currently as it doesn't work correctly (November 15, 2018).”

    With the include approach, we would therefore need to maintain a huge list of individual include items for every third party app installed on the session hosts and additional OS features that store state information in the user profiles.

    Is there any scope for providing support for the Exclude approach in the future, as this is much easier to manage and implement. As things stand, this really is an unworkable scenario for us at present.

    Many thanks


    Wednesday, August 21, 2019 4:22 PM

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