Where can I download example projects for Kinect for Windows v2? RRS feed

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  • so for a project I am working on regarding the Kinect v2 I had initially planned on using Matlab to code for the Kinect. However, the code on the Mathworks website regarding the Kinect seems to only work with the Kinect v1 and I cannot figure out how to get the v2 to work with Matlab. Now I am in the predicament that I need to use Visual Studio and have never done so before. To make matters worse, all of the guides I can find about programming for the Kinect assume you are very familiar with Visual Studio so I get lost before I can even get through the setup (I have no idea what kind of project is best for Kinect, though I intend to use C# as my programming language, or where these settings they are changing are located). If I could just find an example project file to download I feel like it would help me a lot, but I cannot seem to find one.

    So my question is thus, is there a place where we can download project files for Visual Studio? I really just need to see what one looks like and what kind of settings it runs on so I know where to get started. It would be awesome if the project file involved overlaying the skeletal model on top of people in real time as well.

    If this is not possible, even a video that explains in depth how to go about using visual studio and the Kinect at the same time would be greatly appreciate, or a workaround to get Matlab to work with the Kinect v2.

    Friday, January 16, 2015 7:23 PM