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  • Platform is 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1

    Hi.  I'm a developer assigned by my new employer to debug problems we're having getting the Microsoft-registered/signed drivers for a device ("Instrument A") we manufacture installed on some of our own computers; I know next to nothing about such things, but apparently that makes me the expert around here (and/or any more qualified person is too busy to be assigned this). 

    The single biggest problem we're having is reproducibility: first off, most of the of the computers around here aren't having any problems at all; we believe this is due to them all having previously had a different instrument--"Instrument B"--plugged in that uses the same drivers--the problems appear to be confined to computers that have an Instrument A plugged in before an Instrument B (which has no problems).  Furthermore, once we get the problems w/ Instrument A worked out on a given computer, they're worked out, even if we delete the drivers; thus it's been difficult to diagnose and definitively treat the disease(s), because once a given computer is "cured," we can't make it "sick" again to confirm our cure.

    There are three distinct symptoms (whether and how related they are is still unclear):

    A) The driver package for Instrument A is offered as an "Important Optional" Windows Update, instead of simply being downloaded and installed upon plug in;

    B) On some computers, download of the drivers works fine, but installation--from within an admin account--is stopped w/ an "Access is denied" error;

    C) After such a "half-successful" install, the only way to truly uninstall the device is to do so having booted the computer in Safe Mode.

    As I said, I'm pretty clueless here: if you need more data, please tell me what and where to find it/how to get it, and I'll do my best to supply it.

    Thanks for your help.

    David Goldsmith

    PS: Perhaps (probably?) relevant: my computer refuses to accept a whole slew of updates--54 important and 7 optional: it appears to succeed in doing everything...until restart: on boot-up, it fails and rescinds, and the updates remain pending.

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