Start menu and new UX

    General discussion

  • I don't understand why the UI is designed only for touch. It is going to alienate the mouse and keyboard users. The interesting part is that the same UI is added to servers as well. Is that good? Do you expect people on servers to use live tiles?

    I think the new UI ignores the mouse and keyboard users. The tablet market is much smaller than server, desktop and laptop market. If the non-touch users are alienated, this would be much bigger loss of users for Microsoft even if it gains some touch users. The touch UI is not optimal for mouse and keyboard experience since it is designed for finger which has much lesser precision.

    - Fingers have less precision than mouse, and thus touch based UI uses large controls and wastes screen real estate for non-touch users.

    - The start menu is HORRIBLE for keyboard users. What was wrong with windows 7 start menu for mouse, keyboard? Should you not provide both launcher i.e. for desktops, have the start menu and task bar even for immersive apps. This is how Apple has done it and they got it right.

    There should be 3 different UI, each optimized for specific use case i.e. server UI, desktop/laptop (non-touch) UI and touch based UI. The touch UI is not good for servers and non-touch client OS.

    I hope you fix it because the 800 pound gorilla i.e. Apple would love to steal Microsoft's desktop/laptop users.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 2:46 PM