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  • I'm still struggling with some basic concepts for architecting an LOB application. I have 20 tables (plus reports) that I need to manage data for.

    In ASP .NET, I would have a MasterPage that contains common controls (page header, menu, etc.). Then I would have 20 .aspx pages (one per table), each with a GridView (to allow the user to filter and sort data), and a modal popup form for creating and editing records. To switch between screens, you simply load a new page to the web browser.

    In WPF, I have a main window with a menu...

    But now I'm not clear on the WPF way to create the table screens, and how to switch between them in the application. I'm finding lots of information on how to use WPF controls, but nothing on how to put it all together, especially for LOB applications.

    Are you supposed to create a user control for each table or report and display them in the main window? If so, how do you manage switching between controls? Do you unload/load the controls as you need them? Or put all the controls on the main window and toggle their visibility?

    Thanks in advance for helping me out.

    Saturday, March 26, 2011 5:43 PM


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