Question about multiple tile sizes?


  • Is it possible to have multiple tile sizes on one page?


    For example in the default project "Grid Application", the size of the tile can be altered by editing the CSS for

    .categoryPage .categoryList .win-item


    although the template it gets is called .itemTemplate.


    WinJS.UI.setOptions(lv, {
                            dataSource: pageData.groups,
                            itemRenderer: elements.querySelector('.itemTemplate'),
                            oniteminvoked: itemInvoked,
                        updateForLayout(lv, Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationLayout.value);


    Which also means I have to ask, what is .win-item and where does it come from, or is that just what each tile is given as a class as default?


    With the above javascript code, how could we set two templates?  Is there a sample of that already available?  Worst case scenario, I guess a class could be binded to certain tiles.


    Thanks guys

    Sunday, November 6, 2011 11:07 PM