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  • I would like to install a Generic/Text Only printer on LPT1 to my online WES7 image. Attempting to add the printer via Devices And Printers > Add Printer, I only have available to me the XPS and RDP printer drivers. How can I add the Generic/Text Only driver to my image? I tried "Have Disk..." and pointing to the INF folder, but apparently the driver is not present, and I don't know what the name of the file would be to add it.
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  • It took time to solve this issue for me too but here is my solution worked easy and well..

    WES7 is sharing same drivers with Windows7.

    • First of all you must find which system type(x64 or x86) you use. Because drivers may not be same(I haven't tried and not sure if x64 is existing for WES7),
    • After finding your system type, you must find same type of windows7 pro or higher to copy driver files.(I took files from Win7 Pro x86),
    • On Win7Pro(x86) open folder "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\DriverStore\FileRepository",
    • Find folder beginning with "prnge001.inf", this folder includes driver for TTY Generic Text Only,
    • In this folder there is inf file also, so you can do install from there.


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