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    My app was developed on a Vista machine using Visual Studio 2008 and written in C#. The program also has a privately installed version of SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP1 as part of the application where I make calls to the DBMS via C# to maintain the database.

    Predictably the app runs just fine on the development machine while in VS2008 and the database is modified as expected. All is well at this point.

    I am using InstallShield 2009 Express Edition v15 as my deployment tool in which I can burn an installation CDs and create a stand-alone setup.exe (for the web).

    Everything was working find until RegCure came along and with a “pop-up” and informed me how my machine was in such bad shape. My mistake, I believe, was in taking RegCure’s suggestion to “fix” my machine, getting rid of files on my system it saw as possible viruses.

    So now when I am in InstallShield and try to build installations I get an error that cannot be found. I believe RegCure deleted my copy of Needless to say, RegCure is no longer on my system either. File is not in my Recycle Bin.

    I have seen that is part of System.Core.dll which in turn is part of .NET Framework 3.5 thus I have uninstalled and reinstalled .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and I have even uninstalled and re-installed Visual Studio 2008 to try and get back all to no avail. I have tried a few “web suggestions”, but so far nothing has helped.

    I can’t seem to reinstall How can I get the file back? The error message in InstallShield lists the path as: C:\windows\assembly\nativeimages\v2.0_50727_321\system.core\7749403068ce1f517692d61ae5af97eb\ is missing?


    Sunday, November 1, 2009 12:17 AM