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  • I'm having trouble sizing server hardware for a remote (WAN) TFS proxy server. The one document that I did find stated fairly low memory, disk and CPU requirements and it looked like the main use was load balancing for a local TFS site. We need to help improve performance across a WAN (remote). The small disk spec (73GB) would indicate that the proxy doesn't cache the entire TFS databases and only caches what is requested by the remote client. Since our WAN is much slower than LAN, will the proxy server really improve performance that much?



    Wednesday, March 26, 2008 11:48 PM



    I think the proxy will solve your problem exactly.  The first time someone at the remote site syncs files from source control, the file is downloaded across the WAN and the proxy caches it.  The next time someone requests that same version, the file just comes across the LAN since it's cached.  So, the first person pays the "WAN tax", but everyone else benefits after that. 


    You can configure how much space you want to allocate to the cache depending on how often your team syncs, what your network bandwidth looks like, etc. 


    You are correct, it only caches what is requested by the remote client.


    Hope this helps!

    Thursday, March 27, 2008 1:12 PM