baffled by transactrionID not mapped in relations involving acct and and subacct RRS feed

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  • in the database the contraint for transaction with regard to acct and subacct ar defined as

    ALTER TABLE "dba"."Transaction" ADD CONSTRAINT "FK_account" NOT NULL FOREIGN KEY ( "acct_ID" ASC ) REFERENCES "dba"."account" ( "acct_id" );
    ALTER TABLE "dba"."Transaction" ADD CONSTRAINT "FK_subAcct" NOT NULL FOREIGN KEY ( "subAcct_ID" ASC ) REFERENCES "dba"."SubAcct" ( "subAcct_ID" );

    I get error from entity designer something like

    Error 4 Error 11011: Association End key property 'trans_ID' is not mapped. c:\myapp\ModelMyDb.edmx 2729 9 myAppNs

    for subaccount association

    however the table's transaction ID is not automatically generated it is assigned during insert by a insert stored proc way back before .net days

    maybe this table should not be mapped because of all update, delete and insert are to be through the stored procedures?

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  • sign!!!, I have to delete the model and start all voer to get rid of the Error.

    Looks like is alot more robust

    still in the process of fixing the new model with additonal function import. at least there is hope I can get it done instead of banging my head against the wall
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  • Hi Fs – ab,

    Welcome to the MSDN forum.

    This error occurs when an association end in the conceptual model is a compound entity key and one “trans_ID” or more of the key properties is not mapped. To resolve this error, map all properties of the association end. For more information, see How to: Create and Edit Association Mappings (Entity Data Model Tools). If I misunderstood anything, please feel free to let me know.

    Good day.

    Alexander Sun [MSFT]
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