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  • This is on the heels of some writings in another forum where I, also, write.  You will be able to imagine the basic, general gist of the material that lead me to writing the following:

    People oft think I'm just being flip & not taking thier concerns seriously... not the case. But, the previous person is spot-on. The actual life-cycle of Windows OSs is 3 yrs. It's a continum... computing has, does & will keep changing....same as technology & generations do. What 'we' want & demand, changes in home & business enviornments, hardware & software available (& obsolete). It really is a truism, truly must be aadapting, going w/ the flow, learning/acccepting. There is no good served by 'clinging', having a what-was-was-better attitude & grumbling every 3 yrs. The band WILL keep marching. Yep, many people had their perspective altered by XP hanging around so long & Vista's flash-in-the-pan appearance. Since computers began OSs & platforms have evolved, come, gone & repeatedly offered new & different versions (theoretically better than prior bretheren). This (rapid) pattern is highly unlikely to change & human nature ( slow & sceptical when leaving 'comfort zones') is, also, unlikely to change.

    WE go through this w/ each 'new' illiteration. We can look ahead to the same scenario w/ Windows 9, 10....

    That said, Win 7 is a VERY FINE piece of work... hands down better than any Windows predessor. No denying there are some things in each OS that take adjusting to them (or a lack of them) but, it happened either for us or our kids. As I've said before, there is lots that is amazing & VERY impressive in Windows 8... well, there will be. I remind y'all, the Developers Preview should not be seen as a finished product... there's a long way to go before that.Some 8 things, some will like, some won't, some may come to enjoy it, some will never know the difference. Many things in life & computing are subjective. What's felt to be god or bad, appealing or not, can & will vary... another OS coming down the road every 3 yrs is supposed to be a constant. So many things have changed, faded away been replaced, modified, 'new & improved' in a super short lifetime... kids that have no awareness of things only 15 yrs ago & it won't stop; maybe accellerate but, not stop. Probably all the same comments & editorials & feelings attached to each 'new' Windows OS won't stop either.


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    Monday, January 16, 2012 6:30 AM