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  • Recently a fellow employee (will be referred to as user1) noticed that they were not receiving emails from a particular client, but everyone else on the email string (3 others) were getting the emails. Here are the facts:
    1.) User1 says no email was received from the client between the following dates: 08/28/2013 to 09/11/2013
    2.) Sender of email is external to our organization
    3.) The other user's listed in the email string received the emails from Sender
    4.) Checked the Message tracking center for said emails & found 21 that were delivered to User1's inbox between the dates previously mentioned
    5.) Logged into User1's OWA to insure there were no Sync issues and did not find the emails in the inbox or deleted folder
    6.) Logged into User1's outlook client and found no:
          Local failures
          Server failures
    7.) Also tried to recover emails from the Deleted Items Folder that may have been deleted on accident. Nothing.
    8.) MS Support reviewed our exchange server for any possible resolution and they found no issue with config/routing/or the delivery of email.
          Support Ticket#: 113091610787503
    9.) MS Support reviewed User1's laptop and could not find the emails exchange had reported that were delivered.
    Basically MS Support could not explain why the emails were missing and somewhat blamed it  on end-user error by maybe accidental deletion. Which is something I would normally subscribe to but:
          1.) A 2 week long issue?
          2.) User1 is & has always been 100% professional in their conduct and duties. (AlsoNOT prone to lying).
          3.) Vendor(s) sometimes are NOT forthcoming about the short falls in their technology.
    What I am looking for are others who may have suffered this type of issue and found a resolution. Please advise

    John Achille

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:19 PM

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  • Very odd issue...

    In my personal experience this kind of issues was attributable to client side actions, humans or not, rules for example, but I hope this was already checked.

    You can try to temporary enable the delivery to an alternate recipient, so see if the alternate recipient receive the email.


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    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:37 PM
  • the email was sent to others who did receive the email(s) in question. I just dont know how this took place. Below are the results MS Exchange Support Engineers found:


    Hello John,

    This is XXXXX from Microsoft Exchange Support Team. This is regarding the case # 113091610787503 (Issue: User1 missing emails from 27th Aug to 11th Sept sent by External-User on domain1.COM ).

    We checked the following steps,

    Checked and found that user1 is missing few emails from 27th Aug to 11th Sept sent by External-User but the same email was received by other users. User1 has confirmed that she did not delete the missing emails

    Sender: External-User1

    Receiver: user1

    Did message tracking and found 21 emails

    Checked the message and found the following - SMTP Store Driver: Message Delivered Locally to store to User1Checked OWA for Pamela but didn’t find the missing emails

    Checked Outlook 2010 for deleted items and recover deleted items folder but didn’t find the missing emails

    Checked Sync issues folder in Outlook for User1 but didn’t find the missing emails

    Checked backups for the affected period of which we cannot restore the mailbox to recovery storage group because the emails are missing from there also.

    We have looked at all possible options to recover those emails but could not find even 1 instance. We might have to consider the fact that user might have hard deleted the emails manually.


    John Achille

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:47 PM
  • I have an even more unique problem with missing emails. I sent numerous emails over the past year. They all appeared as SENT and then suddenly were all were delivered in November of this year up to a year late. Microsoft doesn't seem to think this is a big deal. I think the ramifications are huge. Where have my emails been then. How many other emails have I sent that haven't been delivered YET. Some of these emails were employment enquiries so pretty significant to me.
    Thursday, November 28, 2013 12:14 PM