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  • Hey team,

    We've been building some functionality into our app to search for locations by entering text. The text entered by our users is meant to be passed to the REST endpoint to get results, which are then displayed to our users to allow them to refine their searches.

    This was working a couple of weeks ago, and general queries such as "Queen St" (the most common street name in New Zealand) would return multiple results. However, this week we began observing behaviour where the API was in some cases only returning single results. 

    Our current query is as follows: st&inclnb=1&key=[MAPS_KEY]

    This used to return multiple results, but now we only receive a single address:

    "address": { "addressLine": "Queen St", "adminDistrict": "Auckland", "adminDistrict2": "Auckland City", "countryRegion": "New Zealand", "formattedAddress": "Queen St, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand", "locality": "Auckland", "neighborhood": "Auckland Central", "postalCode": "1010" }

    In attempts to solve the issue we tried adding:


    But while the address changed to a different location, our single result issue remained:

    "address": {
               "addressLine": "Queen St",
               "adminDistrict": "Gisborne",
               "adminDistrict2": "Gisborne District",
               "countryRegion": "New Zealand",
               "formattedAddress": "Queen St, Motu, Matawai 4092, New Zealand",
               "locality": "Matawai",
               "neighborhood": "Motu",
               "postalCode": "4092"

    The API returns more results when the query is changed to "Queen", but we would rather not force our users to do this.

    Is there any way to tell the API we want more than a single result for common street names?

    Monday, September 25, 2017 10:00 PM