Build a IE10 Metro like app, where to start


  • Hi all,

    We want to port our GIS application to Windows RT and like to follow the approach that Microsoft has adopted to develop IE10 (Metro and desktop) as an example. Our app is a typical win32 C++ application written in a combination of technologies like Win32 API, GDI and DirectX10. We have designed the UI layout of the Metro-style counterpart like this: a map is shown occupying 80% of the screen area, and a set of controls are shown at either right or bottom of the screen. The map is required to shown in both 2D and 3D view so that both Direct3D and Direct2D have to be used. Our metro-style app may look a lot like the map application bundled with Windows 8 PR, but with a rich set of controls to let users customized the graphics display properties.

    The first issue we are not so sure is which project prototype should be used. The candidates are Blank App (XAML), Grid App (XAML), Split App(XAML), Direct2D App (XAML), Direct3D App. We find none of them satisfy our design requirements. Maybe we should to start with a Blank app and implement the UI with XAML.

    I'd like to know your advice, or is there a code sample similar to our application? thanks in advance.

    Thursday, July 5, 2012 5:33 PM


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