I have a very simple Add-in / App which gives the user a new AutoCorrect file which has over 3500 tested and researched AutoCorrect pairs. All the files from the Microsoft store refer to heavily programmed apps and interactions with the web. What do I do RRS feed

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  • When I go to the MS web pages ti find out what I should do to sell the app on the Microsoft Store, there is nothing there that relates to something this simple.  There are instructions for using web servers and much more complicated apps.  All my app does is replaces the users AutoCorrect file with a new one that is researched and tested.  For poor typists it eliminates over 90 percent of their errors with e-mailing and creating word documents..  For a very good typist, it reduces their fewer errors by about 60 percent.  So in its simplest form the add-in is nothing more than replacing the regular and very sparse AutoCorrect file that comes with Office.  I can make it a little fancier but essentially this is it.

    Does this meet the criteria for and app/ad-in for the Microsoft Store?

    How do I find out what the requirements are for an install.  I want to allow the user the option of using my AutoCorrectFile or the one that comes with Word so in effect he can uninstall my add-in.  I can write the install/uninstall in VBA as a simple Word Macro.  

    I cannot find any information on an add-in that is so simple.  The added value is not in the programming but in the Autocorrect additional data.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS I am not even sure that I am in the right forum as the latest version is 2016 and Office 365.  So if I am in the wrong forum, please point me to the right one.

    Lewis D. Eigen

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