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  • I am using a Motorola MC92N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7.

    The OS image did not come with CERDISP.exe but I added it myself and am having it start on startup with the -c flag.

    At the moment we have three different devices with the same setup. I named all three devices and I am able to ping the devices using that name and it also shows up under control panel and when I VNC into them and such. The name is stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Ident where I believe it belongs.

    However, when I run CERHOST.exe and go to Connect, the three devices all show up with the same name, BluePoint.

    I can't find a reference to BluePoint anywhere on the device or in the registry. I'm not sure where it came from or what I need to change to have the device's real name show up there.

    I know this isn't really a Platform Development question..but it seemed closer to that than to Application Development. Let me know if there's a better place to ask this, too.

    Any ideas?


    Monday, March 17, 2014 8:11 PM


  • if you see the \WINCE700\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\DRIVERS\CERDISP\CERDISP\cerdisp.cpp, you can find the answer for your question. there is a structure named CERDISPINFO,

    typedef struct {
        DWORD    dwSize;            // The size of the struct
        DWORD    dwMagic;        // The magic number
        DWORD    cXScreen;        // Number of X pixels
        DWORD    cYScreen;        // Number of Y pixels
        DWORD    cScreenDepth;    // Number of Pixels deep
        DWORD    dwMajorVersion;    // Major Version of the OS
        DWORD    dwMinorVersion;    // Minor Version of the OS
        char    szPlatformType[128];    // SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GET_PLATFORMTYPE)
        char    szOEMInfo[128];            // SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GET_OEMINFO)
        char    szDeviceName[16+1];    // HostName
    which has the platformtype, OEMInfo and DeviceName queried from the platform ( these are implemented as kernel IO controls in OAL part) and filled up by the cerdisp application and passed to host (PC). Eventhough you have different device but the setup is same ( 3 device has the same firmware running), so you are receiving the same name. Better you can contact the device vendor to get the device with unique names.

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