pageView telemetry is not capturing client_city, client_countryorregion correctly


  • We are using pageView on Dynamics 365 forms to captured pageViews. However although our users are located in India and accessing the Dynamics 365 from Indian offices, page count by such Users is captured under client_city as SanJose and client_countryorregion as USA. client_ip is always for all pageView records.

    How to resolve this issue?




    Thursday, December 6, 2018 3:04 AM

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  • Hello Mak,

    Azure uses GeoLite2 to look up the IP address of the web client when collecting Geolocation data such as City, Country or Region. But I must say that it is rare to see incorrect Geolocation data being reported as part of Telemetry, and would encourage you to run over the results once more to ascertain.

    Regarding Client IP being

    There was an announcement made around February 2018 informing that Client IP will be zeroed out after AI has extracted Geolocation information from it. This was done to make sure the privacy concerns of Application Insights customers are addressed in light of GDPR law in EU. More here.

    Nevertheless, you may still submit IP as a custom property (if required) via Telemetry Initializers available in most AI SDKs, however, this moves responsibility for handling that IP as well.

    22 hours 11 minutes ago