passing paramters on the querystring RRS feed

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  • I think i'm about to ask the stupidest SSRS question on the forum (do i get a prize? :D )

    obviously, I'm not a reporting guru. But what I want to do is simple. I've got one property to my report (ProcessId) and I just want to pass it as a parameter on the query string, rather than put it into the input box?

    Everything I read says that I should (basially) be able to add "ProcessId" to the end of the query string, and the report should just pick it up and run. But... it doesn't.
    So I do something like:


    Why doesn't this work? Do I need to change something in the report to pick it up?

    I can even pass things like &rc:parameters=false and it doesn't seem to ahve any impact.

    It's got to be something so simple that I don't understand why I'm missing it.

    thanks for any help.

    Monday, December 7, 2009 4:57 AM


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