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  • Hello everyone, I'm a graduate student doing robot related software development (and I'm new to this robotic studio, so even though I read up on the documentation, I'm rather ignorant and confused). I have some questions that I cannot find answers to so I'll ask here. If someone can explain in detail...


    1) What kinds of software reconfiguration does MSRS offer? Please be specific and list examples. This is my critical question.


    e.g. reconfiguration of invocation sequences, reconfiguration of connections between components/services, reconfiguration of services (I know there is at least an initial configuration, but can this change dynamically in run-time?), can components be dynamically replaced by other components for new functionality, etc...


    Does MSRS allow for the adaptation of services to various situations during run-time? If so, how?

    Do I need to turn off the robot to reinstall a program?


    2) Services (the basic building block), can be of any granularity. Is this correct?


    3) What code does VPL generate exactly? Does this auto-generation of code mean the activities (and thus services) are not reconfigurable? The data flow 'assembly line of workers that do tasks' analogy makes it seem like the assembly line cannot adapt to environment changes.


    4) Does MSRS deal with a robot's internal software architecture? Are components/services coded up also in MSRS? Can these components/services be coded up in Java or C, or they must be a .NET language? Is C# required for the maximum benefit?


    I appreciate ahead of time for any answers.






    Sunday, February 10, 2008 6:04 AM