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    i'm working on a project with a partner to develop a Free Classified Ads website. He is requesting that we should use ASP.NET Web Form because that's what he's familiar with. Please i will like to fine out if this project can be handle with Web Forms or  whats the best technology to create this project.. really need advice on this. 

    Monday, May 20, 2019 11:08 PM

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    Hi shako,

    According to your description,In the development process, if you are a newbie and are not very familiar with the technology of asp.net, I suggest you use webform technology, because webform has the following advantages.

    1.Easy to use - page controls can be dragged and dropped.

    2.Support for ViewState - You might have heard couple of times “HTTP is a stateless protocol”. Normally controls will not retain their values between requests. But in Web Forms statefulness is achieved by storing last known state of every control within the client page itself in the form of hidden field called ViewState.

    3.Event driven programming - You could directly  edit the response event in code behind, for instance, button click event,you could directly edit it in code behind.

    So, webform is a good choice when you want to realize Rapid application development without too much leaning.

    However webform has some very fatal flaws:

    1.No default Project Architecture, which means you should build it by yourself.

    ViewState becomes solution for some problems with classic ASP but it also becomes an issue. ViewState is stored in the page itself resulting increased page size so reduced performance.

    3.Inconvenient to manage and debug

    When your page has a lot of code in the code behind or front end , you will find debugging is a very painful thing.

    For mvc, compared with webform, he has the following advantages:

    1.Project architecture -One of the advantages of using ASP.NET MVC is it enforces separation of concerns. So there is very less chances of getting things more complex.

    2.Performance - ASP.NET MVC don’t have support for view state, so there will not be any automatic state management which reduces the page size and so gain the performance.
    Full control over HTML - ASP.NET MVC doesn’t support server controls, only option available is using html input controls, so we will be sure about final html rendered at the end. We will also be aware about 'id' of every element. And so integration of ASP.NET MVC application with third party JavaScript libraries like jQuery becomes easy.

    3.Support for parallel development - In ASP.NET MVC layers are loosely coupled with each other, so one developer can work on Controller ,at the same time other on View and third developer on Model. This is called parallel development.

    4.Extensibility - ASP.NETMVC supports multiple view engines like aspx, razor and if required we can create our own.

    5.Existing ASP.NET Features – ASP.NET MVC framework is built on top of matured ASP.NET framework and thus provides developer to use many good features such as forms authentication, windows authentication, caching, session and profile state management etc.

    So, all in all , my conclusion is that ,if you are new to asp,net and know little about mvc architecture, webform is a good choice to create web application.If you want to build a webapplicaiton with high performance and you want it to be  easy to manage and debug.Mvc is much  better than Webform.

    Here is the link, I hope it could help you.


    Best Regards


    Tuesday, May 21, 2019 2:28 AM