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  • Hello All,

    I am looking for ways to migrate meta data stored Access (MDB) files in MS Project 2003 to MS Project 2010 (SQL Server). Here is some more detail...

    Currently we have a legacy application that creates a blank MS Project 2003 file. The user can add details of the project he is working on by defining various tasks and customizing it the way he wants. Finally when he saves it, it is not saved as MPP file but appends to an existing MDB file that holds all the meta data for the rest of the projects created earlier. When a user tries to re-open that file from the application, the application simply invokes MS Project 2003 by passing parameters to open this MDB file with the Project ID that is in context. Again, all the changes made are saved back to the MDB. A sample of such an MDB can be created very easily. Simply open MS Project 2010 and create a few tasks. While saving, save it as an MDB file (say, MyPrj2003.mdb). Create a new project file and save it back to the same file (MyPrj2003.mdb). Now, when you open MyPrj2003.mdb, you will notice that both projects you created are part of the same project file. Likewise, you can keep adding more projects to the same file. When a particular project needs to opened or saved to from our MS Access application, it passes a parameter to open just that project (from MyPrj2003.mdb) and save the changes back into it.

    This is a small access application that is being used for several years now. None of the users are willing to change this application. In the enterprise we have an MS Project Server 2010 available for us to use. Because of some corporate policies, we have been asked to upgrade our client to MS Project 2010 and start using the server. In order for us to do that, we need to keep doing what I described in the above paragraph, but with MS Project 2010 instead of Project 2003. 

    Can anyone tell me if this is doable at all? Even though I don't know the intricacies, I am envisioning the following...

    1) Figure out ways to map 2003 MDB file that has metadata (MyPrj2003.mdb in the example above) to tables that hold metadata in SQL Server for MS Project 2010.

    2) Migrate 2003 meta data to these tables in SQL Server for MS Project 2010

    3) Find an alternate method to invoke MS Project 2010 client from my Access application and pass the project ID as the parameter to read/save data directly from/to SQL Server for MS Project 2010.

    Your help and advise is grately appreciated in this regard.


    Monday, March 26, 2012 5:19 AM

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