Azure Service Bus Queue simulations and performance statistics

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  • I will be using azure service bus queues in upcoming project.and want to evaluate it from performance perspective.

    Is there any tool/third party offering which can allow me to simulate sending around 1000 msgs/second to service bus queue and also retrieve performance details when i have worker role consuming the messages?

    In addition to simulation, i am also looking for performance statistics of the queue such as reciever throughput,messages recieved/second etc which can help me with the measurement for scaling and architecture designing etc.

    I have already looked at service bus explorer although it allows to simulate sender and reciever and also shows performance, there isnt facility to simulate the number of messages I am looking for.

    it's going to be a possible scenario in the project.Any help useful.


    Thursday, January 28, 2016 9:51 AM

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