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  • You ask, as if there is such a feature. There isn't print a graphic. You can have report controls overlapping, i.e. also a graphic with full page size or whatever you need.

    Bye, Olaf.

    Saturday, March 16, 2019 5:05 PM
  • Sir, I want rotated watermark Text to be in the center of page in detail bands section of the report.
    Sunday, March 17, 2019 5:32 AM
  • Still the same answer, use a graphic for that.

    Also, the detail band is for a single record in general you have multiple detail bands per page, unless your report prints one record per page only.

    In general the watermark picture will be part of multiple bands and notice this CAN be done in a VFP report, add a picture to detail, then temporarily make the detail band large, stretch the watermark picture. Then you can shift it so the top border is in the page header band and the bottom in the page footer and you can shrink the detail band to one record again.

    To have a text as watermark create a picture of that text, theres to do that, or any graphic software like gimp or irfan view.

    Bye, Olaf.

    Sunday, March 17, 2019 7:34 AM
  • Hello,

    you may also have a look on foxypreviewer (freeware extension for VFP). If I remember correctly, watermarks can be added to reports very simple (and it can do MUCH more)

    We are creating reports as PDF for many years. There are (not free) command line tools which can stamp a pdf, foxypreviewer today should be able to do it, too (without printer drivers, active-x,..)

    Here is the command line tool :

    Best regards


    Monday, March 18, 2019 7:55 AM