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  • I have the following issue with SharePoint online:

    I can work with the 'choice filter' (as a drop-down menu and in a created 'Web Part Page' within a given site) for selecting files in the 'Document Library'. The 'choice filter' can be connected to the 'Document Library' and I am able to select documents within the library based on specific tags.  This selection is done via metadata columns in the 'Document Library'. This feature has been implemented and works fine (i.e. selection of files based on metadata columns in the 'Document Library').

    However, I'll need to narrow-down the choice further by searching for specific keywords present within the documents in 'Document Library'. Currently, I can search within documents for specific keywords (via a search Centre/Box) or via the filter choice  mentioned above but the requirement ifs for the two to be combined.

    Further clarification:

    The 'choice filter' drop-down menu (Web Part) needs to be the primary source for metada. After this, a 'Refined Search' (as a Web Part as well) should be implemented (in the same page as the 'choice filter' drop-down menu Web Part) for content search with documents. Results of the two combined Web Part searches should be shown on the same page as well.

    Example: Values of the  'choice filter' drop-down menu (Web Part): 'Active, Pending, Close'. IF 'Active' is CHOSEN, THEN type 'this specific keyword' (that can be present WITHIN any document in the library) SO THAT 'Active' documents with 'this specific keyword' are retrieved. The title of the document is of no interest, while some specific keywords within the documents are

    Any idea on this?

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 11:57 AM


  • Hi cardinaluk,

    To perform secondary filter with the keywords for the documents after choice filter, I suggest you using the “Find a file” search box in the library.

    If there is no “find a file” search box, you can edit the library web part, select “Display search box” under Miscellaneous section.

    Best regards,

    Grace Wang

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    Friday, December 15, 2017 7:20 AM