Checking for duplicate ISA13 by transaction type RRS feed

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  • Here is the issue....we want to check for duplicate ISA13 values in the claims coming in from trading partners to insure that they are not sending us a duplicate file. There is the convention on the Party setting that allows you, via the checkbox, to check for dulpicate ISA13s within a certain amount of days. Typically, we leave the value at the default (30 days). The problem comes from the fact that a trading partner will send us both Institutional and Professional claims that can use the same ISA13 value. So, we need a way to check for duplicate ISA13 values by transaction type. It's looking to me like this might need to be taken care of via some custom development. Have any of you folks had this issue?



    Wednesday, May 22, 2013 3:26 PM


  • The one/twice I've seen this, they also use a different Sender ID's and since that required three Agreements, it wasn't an issue.

    Assuming that's not your case, it's harder than it should be because BizTalk EDI/TPM doesn't allow you to specify an Agreement by Receive Location/Port or Disassembler Property (which would solve a huge, huge number of problems...if anyone in the PG is listening).

    Some options:

    1. Inquire with the sender about assigning separate Receiver ID's (you) to each transaction type.  Then you'd have separate Agreements, each tracking ISA13.

    2. Intercept the incoming interchange and slightly modify one of the ID's, like the Receiver ID, to emulate option 1.

    3. Disable ISA13 validation and track the ID's yourself.

    We end up using #2 quite frequently.  You'd end up with 3 Agreements: Receive I, Receive P, Send.  And you just have to remember which uses the bogus ID's since TPM won't allow two agreements with the same combination.

    Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:34 PM