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  • I have a TFS 2012 build controller running, it's working well.  Approximately 20 build definitions are setup and all working, including many using the 'gated check-in' feature.

    Little background: our TFS server is running TFS 2012.  Two build controllers, one on Windows7 and another on Windows8.

    Each buil definition creates it's own 'source' directory, C:\Builds\<build_agent_number\Product\BuildDefinition\Sources (example: C:\Builds\1\Product\BuildDefinition\Sources).

    The issue I'm running into is that the build definitions (controller on Windows8)  are sharing the same Binaries folder that gets created automatically.  That is, C:\Binaries

    I'm using the buid template 'DefaultTemplate11.1.xaml' that came with TFS 2012.

    I am not having this issue on my Windows7 build controller.  It's using the DefaultTemplate11.1.xaml that came with TFS 2010.   All the builds on that controller are creating a Binaries folder along side of the Sources folder. 

    Comparing the two templates, there is a slight difference:

    DefaultTemplate11.1.xaml    - TFS 2012 on Win8
            <Assign x:TypeArguments="x:String"
       DisplayName="Initialize Binaries Directory"
       mtbwt:BuildTrackingParticipant.Importance="Low" />
    DefaultTemplate11.1.xaml   - TFS 2010 on Win7

         <Assign x:TypeArguments="x:String"
      DisplayName="Initialize Binaries Directory"
      Value="[String.Format(&quot;{0}\Binaries&quot;, BuildDirectory)]"
      mtbwt:BuildTrackingParticipant.Importance="Low" />

      <mtbwa:DeleteDirectory Directory="[TestResultsDirectory]"
      DisplayName="Delete Test Results Directory"
      mtbwt:BuildTrackingParticipant.Importance="Low" />

    Using the template from 2010, the build fails with:

    C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Common.targets (4264): The command "xcopy "C:\Builds\1\Product\BuildDefinition\Binaries\Ouptut.*" "C:\Builds\1\Product\BuildDefinition\Sources\Section\Output\C:\Builds\1\Product\BuildDefinition\Binaries\" /y" exited with code 4.

    The path is missed up. 

    Using the template from 2012, the build passes, but it build definition shares C:\Binaries.  :(

    I'm no XAML expert, sorry.  Any guidance you can pass on would be greatly appreciated!


    Patrick Wall

    Thursday, May 9, 2013 1:44 PM