Extract facial landmarks from kinect xef file RRS feed

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  • I have several .xef file with all streams except colour.  I am playing those files using the following C# project.  What I am trying to figure is when I am playing the files using playSupport if there is chance to read facial features with the same way as KinectBodyIndex KinectBodyView, KinectBodyDepthView, KinectIRView etc. Is there a way to track kinect face from the recorded xef file?
    Wednesday, February 10, 2016 7:41 AM

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  • You should be able to use a .xef file to feed your face tracking app by simply clicking connect in the Kinect Studio app (part of Kinect SDK Browser), thus although I'm not completely familiar with the C# project above, your face tracking code could then work as a separate app that the playback app connects to (I just started it but didn't saw a connect button within it) or that could be done by calling the tooling API function that would the same (though you probably could then extend that project and do it yourself)...if there's no specific need to use the listed C# project you should first just use the Kinect Studio (although it's not open-source) and have it feed the .xef data to your face tracking app to confirm it's suitable for face tracking...if that works try extending that C# project then (unless it does that already by calling ConnectToService(), I think unless I'm mistaking - someone check please, so you could add your face tracking code after playback API calls in it somehow if you can't use it as a separate app which is probably better anyhow).

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    Wednesday, February 10, 2016 9:36 AM
  • So I am  can use .xef file instead of real kinect stream, right? Therefore in order to extract facial characteristics what streams should I store inside the xef file? @Proski thanks for the help anyway!
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  • Yes, instead of a real Kinect, as of v2, Kinect needn't be present, unlike had to have original device...Kinect v2 service doesn't require being present/connected.

    Honestly, I haven't tried face tracking, so I'm unsure...

    My guess is you'll be able to get away with just depth and IR streams for face tracking (since illumination isn't important then, just like Windows Hello, which works regardless) if you're worried about the size of .xef files, since the color stream is uncompressed and adds much more then the other two...but you can check what you need easily, record those streams with Kinect Studio while tracking your face in your app, and then try to replay those connected to the Kinect service whilst running some face tracking demo from the SDK...if it tracks without color then you'll know for sure, if it doesn't you can retry adding color, and then trying tracking again.


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