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    I'm very new to VB reports (previous experience with Access Reports but that was years ago). I need to create a report that shows a list of projects with charts. Each report page would need to be the same with 2 charts, a table of data and some text box data. The Datasource for the report is coded and the report will be parametric with a ClientId & SupplierID (filtered in the coded datasource)

    My question is:

    Would I be best to create a new project, add the SQL database as a dataconnection, create the report then copy that report to my project and add the datasource with code? By doing that, would it cause problems? My project datasource is set up with DAL & BLL classes.

    I'm not entirely sure how to create the report yet. I have seen some youtube videos but they don't really explain what I need which is-

    Page 1 = list of projects in the report

    Page 2 onwards = 1 project per page with charts, table, textboxes etc

    are there any good resource sites or site that have a good detailed (kind of) easy to understand information?


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    Wednesday, October 14, 2015 5:12 AM