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  • Hi,

    I guess Windows 8 Business Edition will have by default the Windows 7 desktop UI instead of Metro?

    Also, if the next Nokia Tablet for example will have a docking station, will Windows 8 Business Edition do the following:

    a) When you dock the Nokia Tablet it will show automatically the UI similar to Windows 7 desktop?

    b) When undocking the Nokia Tablet it will show the Metro UI automatically?

    That would be cool because it would mean:

    a) if I dock the tablet I will have access to my keyboard, mouse and 24 inch screen and do my day to day job maximising the usage of my applications.

    b) if I undock I have the metro UI which is great for presentations, do stuff on the go, etc...

    Can you someone give me some intel on this? Is this happening?



    Sunday, October 2, 2011 6:27 PM


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