Migrate SQL database to Azure Tables or SQL Azure? RRS feed

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  • I'm wondering what the best way to go would be if I wanted to migrate classic 'per customer' on premises application which requires a SQL server, SharePoint Farm Solution and all the various pain and hassles, to an Azure Hosted SharePoint application, and the migration of the database to Azure. Meaning the whole thing can now sit purely in the cloud with little to no on-site configuration, support and maintenance required.

    The SharePoint app side of things would handle business logic, and web services calls to the data storage, but I'm wondering whether or not it's better to use tables or a full sql azure setup to meet my storage needs.

    Right now we use SQL with a data access layer calling Linq2SQL on a database set up in the usual manner (FK constraints, primary keys etc). Moving this to the cloud would be fairly straight forward....

    ... however, the cost and speed of Azure Tables has me wondering if it's best to migrate everything to a stand alone set of tables (there are roughly say 30 of them, fairly simplistic) and re-write my data access to point at these instead of using Linq. For what it's worth the original application does not heavily rely on the table relationships to grab data, and is more or less there to enforce standard database design principles.

    As someone looking for a scalable solution, aimed at a startup market, would TABLES be more useful as a 'pay as you go' solution with massive potential scale as opposed to just mirroring a SQL database in the cloud with the ongoing costs involved.

    Any thoughts?

    Thursday, November 7, 2013 3:53 PM