Can we copy the "DotNetFX35" nor "WindowsInstaller3_1" on to DVD and ship to customer?? HELP.. thx. RRS feed

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  • hello.

    I've written a WPF application to include in a DVD for sale.

    I've created a Deployment project, and I specified ".NET Framework 3.5" as a prequisites.
    I've set the download option to "Download prerequieites from the same location as my application"

    when i build the Deployment project, it creates the setup.exe, the msi of my application, and it also creates the "DotNetFX35" folder and the "WindowsInstaller3_1" folder.

    I have a lisensed copy of VS.Net 2008, and I am not modifying any of the files inside "DotNetFX35" nor "WindowsInstaller3_1".

    my question is, am I allow to copy all these files inside the bin directory onto a DVD for redistribution?

    please help... I spent a long time trying to find out the answer of this question. obviously, I dont want to be sue by copying the "DotNetFX35" and "WindowsInstaller3_1" folder onto my DVD.

    I was trying to use the ".NET Framework Client Profile" prerequisite, but its not suitable in my case as my clients dont have fast internet.

    thanks in advanced.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3:02 PM