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    Hi All,


    We are in the process of designing the data access layer for an internet based N-tier services oriented application using WCF. Currently we consider the following options.


    1. DAAB –in Enterprise Library 4.0
    2. LINQ To SQL


    We understand that LINQ to SQL offers powerful features to handle data in-memory without having to write significant or no SQL code. However, we are not clear on the following.


    1. Is it a good idea to consider LINQ to SQL as alternative to DAAB
    2. Is LINQ to SQL suitable for service oriented application using WCF
    3. Is there a pattern available as reference to use LINQ to SQL in WCF
    4. Will there be any performance penalty in using LINQ to SQL, if so How and why?
    5. Is it a good idea to return Linq generated entities “as is” from WCF Services as opposed to converting them to DTOs (POCOs). What are the side effects?



    Your help is highly appreciated

















    Monday, August 11, 2008 6:05 PM