Screen restrictions

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  • I don't understand, why are there so many screen restrictions in Metro:

    1. There are many tablets, convertible tablets and other touch products already on the market. And many of them have resolution of 1024x600 or even lower. Why prevent them from running Metro? They still work great. I have found a tweak on the web that "shrinks" my display resolution to 1024x768 and metro works great despite native resolution only being 1024x600.

    2. Why 4:3 screens cannot use side-by-side applications feature? I often used a feature of Windows 7 that snaps window to left or right side of the screen on 4:3 monitor and it was great. Why are metro apps different? And fact that you can easily change "split point" of the windows, makes this even more suited for any aspect ration.

    Friday, September 16, 2011 4:56 PM