Listview reordering are not visible inside the Flyout RRS feed

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  • As per client requirement I need to reorder the items from listview controls which we are displaying on the flyout page but while we drag and drop, the selected item is not appearing inside  the flyout control. 

    I can able to see the same dragged item is appearing on the main page windows but not showing inside the flyout control. How to resolve?

    Attached sample project which will help you to understand the problem.


    Working perfectly in main page.

    Not able to see the dragged items in the flyout control.

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  • Next time please include clear repro steps. I think that what you're trying to do is to drag from the main window surface onto the flyout, but it's not completely clear. It would also help if you'd include a hint of what your code looks like in the post itself in addition to the sample. The sample alone doesn't help when not on a system that can process it.

    That said, if what I understand you are doing is correct then this is not going to work. Drag-drop needs to stay within the same level window. The dragged item is being drawn on the main window surface and so will be covered by the flyout. You'd need to rework things so the flyout's information is within the main window surface itself.


    Friday, November 1, 2013 2:41 AM