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  • PLEASE NOTE: This release announcement is being retained for context.  All release notes in this announcement are applicable for this release and later, however, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that this release not be installed, and that the HOTFIX release found here:https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/dcd86de9-e092-49b4-b2a1-20e1943bbdc5/release-notes-for-fslogix-apps-1909-hf01-29723748865-hotfix?forum=FSLogix be used instead.


    New Release: FSLogix Apps 1909 (2.9.7205.27375)


    This is a GENERAL release


    Applies to:

    All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client 32 and 64 bit)


    1909 Version Download Link: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/8/4/58482cbd-4072-4e26-9015-aa4bbe56c52e/FSLogix_Apps_2.9.7205.27375.zip

    Latest FSLogix is always available at: https://aka.ms/fslogix_download




    FSLogix documentation: https://aka.ms/fslogix

    FSLogix MSDN Forum: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/home?forum=FSLogix

    Open a support ticket: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/14ea5f6f-760b-4ad2-83cf-23c3cbc1bcc4/how-to-open-an-fslogix-support-request?forum=FSLogixindex.php/knowledge-base

    Request an enhancement: https://windowsvirtualdesktop.uservoice.com/forums/921289-fslogix


    Installation notes:

    Will upgrade over any previous release.

    IMPORTANT: When using Cloud Cache with the 1909 release, all clients in the environment must be updated to 1909 or later, as 1909 may not be used simultaneously with earlier releases.




    • Issue corrected that, on rare occasions, would cause a deadlock in ntfs.sys/mrxsmb20.sys/ksecdd.sys.  Internal ID# 19207511
    • Issue corrected where the filter driver may fail to attach a volume.  Internal ID# 20978270
    • Issue corrected where Sign in would not complete for a user with Citrix unifltr installed.  Internal ID# 21362432
    • Issue corrected causing a memory leak in Cldflt.sys.  Internal ID# 21423791
    • Various interface changes to improve accessibility and keyboard flow.
    • Issue corrected where users could get 'stuck' in download progress screen when using FSLogix with OneDrive.  Internal ID# 21832699
    • Issue corrected where the profile container would fail to attach.  Internal ID# 21833886
    • Implemented resource optimization for multi-user logon scenarios.  Internal ID# 22168954
    • Issue corrected where file system may become hung Internal ID# 22288112
    • Created error checking for storage solutions that are not fully SMB 3.0 compliant.  Internal ID# 22318507
    • Improved folder and subfolder behavior with AppMasking when folders do not exist.  Internal ID# 22423550
    • Issue corrected that could result in search roaming failures.  Internal ID# 22667545 and related 131555564
    • Removed the "LsaUnregisterPolicyChangeNotification failed. (A system shutdown is in progress.)" message from the log file in cases where it is benign.  Internal ID# 22700177
    • Removed the "Failed to zero out section of file" message from the log file in cases where it is benign.  Internal ID# 22717383
    • Addressed various, very rare, hanging and BSOD scenarios.
    • Added Group Policy State Key to information roamed in Profile Containers
    • Removed "Failed to get computer's group SIDs" from log file in cases where it is benign.  Internal ID# 22963522
    • Addressed behavior and benign error logs associated with DNS Query.  Internal ID# 22963612
    • Issue corrected that could cause "Disk Error Event ID 51 is occurring frequently. "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk#\DR## during a paging operation" and associated "FilterManager Error 3".  Internal ID# 22972865 and linked ID# 116007894.
    • Issue corrected that could cause autosave to fail with OneDrive.  Internal ID# 22980466
    • Issue corrected where OneDrive folder reflects available space on C drive rather than in profile during initial setup.  Internal ID 20837305
    • Issue corrected which resulted in a blue screen NTFS_FILESYSTEM_ERROR.  Internal ID# 22983449 and associated 119070325000823
    • Updated to latest QT Binaries to improve accessibility and UI experience.  Internal ID#22984124
    • Issue corrected where RW.vhd would not be created if the VHD location was not the first listed VHDLocation.  Internal ID# 23042226
    • Issue corrected where Profile would not be attached, and retry logic would not be utilized.  Initially identified on EMC VNX  Internal ID# 23221374.
    • Issue corrected where Cloud Cache would not prevent Sign in and Sign out (Login and Log Off) to fail when an exclusive lock on the RW.vhd cannot be established.  Internal ID# 23297587
    • Issue corrected that would prevent multiple logins to load profiles, when using Cloud Cache, even when configured correctly.  Internal ID# 23297587
    • Issue corrected where FrxTray tool does not support environment variables in the log path.  Internal ID# 23427788
    • Issue corrected where Cloud Cache would fail to attach VHD, particularly when using Windows Server 2008 r2.  Internal ID# 23446284
    • Issue corrected where Cloud Cache would cause a system crash on Windows Server 2008 r2.  Internal ID# 23477652.

    Monday, September 30, 2019 2:59 PM