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  • I'm attempting to rewrite my map control from v6.3 to v7.  Version 6 had many more events, in particular I'm missing the OnStartPan & OnEndPan events (among others).  In my map control, it is essential that I know exactly when a mouse-fired pan begins and ends.  This was a breeze in 6.3 but I see in v7 that these valuable events aren't present.  Has anyone out there coded around this by chance?  I tried feverishly to replicate this via mouse down/up, checking on the map's center moving meanwhile...and this is just not working and is just getting ridiculous frankly.  Trying to detect and simulate events is nightmarish.  Keypress events are now also gone, which were needed.  Not sure if these events might be added-back, or if I need to look for alternatives to BM now :(   Man...

    Any guidance from any black belts out there?

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  • Try viewchangeend, viewchangestart events for replacing OnStartPan and OnEndPan. With in these functions compare the old zoom level and current zoom level , if they are equal then its a pan and not zoom. You can get the target zoom using map.getTargetZoom() function.

    Aditya Tadakaluru MCPD, MCITP, MCTS(Bing Maps)
    Tuesday, January 18, 2011 4:26 AM