Problem with ETL files created from boot phase timings showing correct on graph but figure value display is corrupted / incorrect RRS feed

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  • Hi, I am have this odd issue in Windows Perf Analyzer. When I open a *.etl file that has been created by Windows Performance Recorder it open OK in Performance Analyzer however when I look at the results, the Graph shows correctly. I can hoover over an area and read the start & end times of a phase correctly but when I look at some figures in the chart they are corrupted. 

    Please see the screen shot below. You will see the end time is around 291 seconds however it show 9,223,372,0365.85.. in the chart.

    If I click ctlr + shift + C to copy text it again shows a corrupt time for duration & end time.

    Please see below

    Phase Name    Post Boot
    Time    124.864710979s
    Duration (s)    172.122845509
    Data Points    1
    Table Data        
    Phase #    5    
    Duration (s)    9,223,371,917.406235116    
    Start Time (s)    119.448540691    
    End Time (s)    9,223,372,036.854775807    

    Other phases show OK as below

    Phase Name    Explorer Init
    Time    114.398821054s
    Duration (s)    7.836498795
    Selection Duration    7.836498795s
    Start Time    111.612041896s
    End Time    119.448540691s
    Data Points    1
    Table Data    Point    Selection
    Phase #    4    4
    Duration (s)    7.836498795    7.836498795
    Start Time (s)    111.612041896    111.612041896

    I am getting this issue on different ETL files. It's always Boot phase  5 "Post Boot" end time & duration that show corruptly. 

    It used to work OK however has just stopped.

    The PC I am running PerfAnalyzer is WIN10 and the version of PerAnalyzer is Ver 10.0.143

    I have tried it under different Windows login profiles & also resetting the startup profile.

    Has anyone seen this issue?

    Thanks for your help


    Spider MacK

    Monday, June 11, 2018 11:36 AM