with word, access, or excel: opening the vba ide crashes the app


  • using office 2007 with xp o/s. all service packs are up-to date.

    i've been living with this prob for about a month. the moment i press the vba button from the app itself (or alt-f11), the entire app crashes and disappears from view.

    my laptop, which is also connected to my home office lan, shares all the data files with the offending computer, and from there i've been able to work with the ide and vba without crashes.

    i've tried removing and reinstalling office twice with no change in this issue. it may be an add-in related issue as i vaguely recall at some point in the "distant" past (one month or so but it could be back in the jurassic age for all the good my aging memory serves here) while i was trying to install a third party add-in some kind of windows message popped up telling me that all was not well and asked would i like to remove the add-in. i answered yes and continued on with my work.

    as far as i can remember there was no crashes appearing then but i don't know for sure whether i went into the ide that day or not so i really don't know whether the add-in burp was a possible cause or not.

    naturally, now i can't go into the add-in manager to inspect because i can't call up the ide in the first place unless, that is, someone knows how to read the add-in manager data contents from outside the ide (with a text editor like ultra-edit, for instance).

    again, the add-in event i just described may be a red herring with the real solution lying elsewhere. in any case i need help.



    Monday, January 07, 2008 8:53 AM