Reference with spaces in the file path wreck havoc on cabwiz RRS feed

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  • I am running VS 2008 on Windows 8. One of the problems that I have run into is that cabwiz will throw an error and refuse to generate a cabfile if my project includes any references that that include any spaces in the file path. The two big exceptions to this rule are

    A. If I have placed the dll somewhere with the folder that contains the project.

    B. It is one of the built in Microsoft dlls.

    So obviously (A) presents an easy workaround, but still erases some of the benefits of compartmentalizing code in these libraries to begin with. For example, if a library was shared among numerous projects and then needed to be updated. So I've read some things online about how this may something to do with how later versions of Windows handle DOS applications and file and folder names. There were some things to try, but were only relevant to a few versions of windows back. Is there an answer to this problem for Windows 8?

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:00 AM