"web.config" Transform Not Working


  • I went through the process of adding a config transform to my project. The new "web.config" file matching my publishing profile name is there, appearing as a linked file under the "web.config" file just as I'd expect.  However, it seems that NOTHING I put into the additional file gets used.  I can't make anything I put in that file appear on the server after publishing.  I've tried with and without any "xdt:Transform" tag I can come up with.  What am I missing?  Is there some place in the ".pubxml" file that I need to tell the deployer to use the additional file?  Is there someplace in the original "web.config" that I need to specify it?

    Although I'm most interested in modifying the "system.webServer" section, I've tried other sections as well to no avail.  Is the "system.webServer" section special in any way?



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