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  • Using the AdMediator control could not be any more confusing. (Universal App)

    Set one of keys, app ids etc.

    Microsoft help starts with adding a connected service which adds a .config file. with keys, ids and who knows what else to the project.

    Set two of keys, app ids etc.

    Dev Center Dashboard add ad unit- another set.

    Set three of keys, app ids etc.

    By dragging the control to the designer!

    Now I have 3 possible different keys

    Do I need an ad unit for each control I add? (possible 4 sets now)

    Do I really need a Mobile version? (choice when adding an ad unit, how about 5)

    Do I really need an AdDuplex control ? (if AdDuplex is chosen in connected services - now it's getting crazy)

    Can someone give me the run down on how to say, add 2 controls to a Universal App( one per page) ?

    Monday, March 14, 2016 12:25 PM