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  • The April 2009 MSDN release of the Microsoft Exchange Server Protocols is an updated release of the protocol specifications.   This release includes new specifications that cover Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and updates to current specifications made since March 2009. 


    Click here to download the zip file containing all of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 protocol specification PDF files.


    The [MS-OXPROTO]: Exchange Server Protocols System Overview document has had some extensive updates.


    Here is a list of the new protocol specifications for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010:


    [MS-ASCON]: ActiveSync Conversations Protocol Specification  

    [MS-ASMS]: ActiveSync Short Message Service Protocol Specification

    [MS-ASNOTE]: ActiveSync Notes Class Protocol Specification


    [MS-OXVCARD]: vCard to Contact Object Conversion Protocol Specification        


    [MS-OXWCONFIG]: Web Service Configuration Protocol Specification

    [MS-OXWMT]: Mail Tips Extensions to Web Service Protocol Specification


    Additionally a new specification has been added that covers extensions to the WebDAV protocol [RFC2518]:


    [MS-XWDEXT]: WebDAV Core Extensions Specification


    This release also includes updates to the Microsoft Exchange Server Standards documents to cover Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.


    Click here to download a zip file with all of the Microsoft Exchange Server Standards PDF files.

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    Monday, July 13, 2009 11:30 PM